Paolini, Christopher

For my author wiki, I chose to write about the author Christopher Paolini. He was born on November 17, 1983 in Southern California, and is still writing books (has no applicable death date). He wrote his debut novel, Eragon when he was 15. He also wrote his second novel, Eldest a few years later. An interesting fact about him is that classical music helps him write, and is currently writing the third book in the Inheritance Trilogy. A website about Christopher Paolini is, and does not have a pseudonym. I recommend this author’s books because his writing is based mostly on imagination, and with imagination, anything can happen. People that like fantasy will like his books a lot, as will those who like computer games and fiction. One of his quotes is “A rose without thorns is like love without heartbreak; it doesn't make sense.” A link to his bibliography is

Paolini, Christopher

Pseudonym: None Birth date: November 17, 1983 Interesting fact about Christopher Paolini: Christopher Paolini often listened to Mahler, Beethoven, and Wagner while writing Eragon. Beartooth Mountains inspired his details for the Spine in Eragon. Quotes: The Boston Globe- "Paolini is a spellbinding fantasy writer."

Picture Of Christopher Paolini:
I chose Christopher Paolini because I know that there are many readers like me, that enjoy action. This is exactly what Christopher Paolini wrote in Eragon and Eldest, my two favorite books. Link to Bibliography: Website about Author: Featured Book: Eragon

Paulsen, Gary

Born May 17, 1939, Gary Paulsen is one of America's most popular writers for young people. He was never been a student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age. After a librarian gave him a book to read with his own library card he was hooked. He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading the book he got from the library.
He ran out from his home at the age of 14 and traveled with a carnival.
After Paulsen acquired a taste for adventure-chores on a farm; jobs as an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, and sailor; and two rounds of the 1,180-mile Alaskan dog sled race, the Iditarod he was full of stories to write.
He wrote the book The Brian’s Winter, Hatchet, Dogsong and Hatchet. The quote "Running with dogs is like dancing with winter" is from Gary Paulsen while in the Alaskan dog sled race.

I recommended this author because most of the book that Gary Paulsen published were story that he really experienced in his
real life. Most of his stories happen in a place like a wilderness
or somewhere dangerous so its interesting.

Paulsen, Gary

Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939 and is still alive today. He is one of America's most popular writers for young people. He is a fabulous writer and has written more than 175 books and 200 articles and short stories for children and adults. In 1985, after his second Iditarod, he had an attack of angina and was forced to stop racing. But even after he had sold the dogs he still worked hard, but in a different way, writing. "I started to focus on writing the same energies and efforts that I was using with dogs. So we're talking 18-, 19-, 20-hour days completely committed to work. Totally, viciously, obsessively committed to work, the way I'd run dogs....I still work that way, completely, all the time. I just work. I don't drink, I don't fool around, I'm just this way....The end result is there's a lot of books out there."
I recommend Gary Paulsen to everyone because I think Gary Paulsen is a great writer and has written some many adventurous books, and their based on his adventures. I think my favorite book by Gary Paulsen is My Life in Dog Years

Paulson, Gary

Gary Paulson was born on May 17, 1939. He uses his experiences as a hunter, woodsman, and his races in the Iditarod, a sled dog race, to write his books. He wrote 200 books in total. Gary Paulson’s interest in literature was when a librarian gave him library card, which opened his mind to a new world. He often tell kids to “read like a wolf eats”, and wolves can eat very fast when their hungry.
The reason why I like this author so much is that he uses phrases to capture the action in a moment. This makes the story very suspenseful and interesting.
Here is a bibliography of Gary Paulson’s works:

Here is a biography about Gary Paulson:

Patterson, James

James Patterson grew up in Newburgh, New York. As a child and through out high school Patterson never liked reading, but in his late teens he read everything that he got his hands on. Even before becoming a writer, Patterson’s ambition in life was to be a pro basketball player. But it never worked out.
James Patterson is known for writing more than 20 novels such as Maximum Ride, the Alex Cross series and more. He has a B.A. in English at Manhattan College and an M.A. in English at Vanderbilt University. Patterson writes 2-3 books a year! No wonder he has written more than 20 novels! Anyway, he currently lives in Palm Beach County, Florida with his wife and their young son. He continues writing and his books are still being the best-sellers. Great Job Patterson!
I recommend this author because he writes great books. I also recommend the book Maximum Ride and it doesn’t matter which one out of the three. He is a very good writer and you should get the chance to read one of his books.

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Pierce, Tamora

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Tamora Pierce has no pseudonym. She was born on December 13, 1954, in
South Connellsville, Pennsylvania.
She has written twenty four books for teenagers, and is now number one New York Times bestselling author.
An interesting fact about her relating to her books, is that all her main characters are female, because she feels most books have male heroes, and wanted to fill the lapse. "I wrote about those girls, the fearless, bold, athletic creatures that I was not, but wanted so badly to be."
I recommend her because her writing is full of imagination, creativity, details, and humor.
Her bibliography:
A website about her:
She is my favorite author, and one of my favorite books are Wild Magic, first of The Immortals series.

Pierce, Tamora

Tamora Pierce is a bestselling author of fantasy books for teenagers, She was born on December 13, 1954 in rural places of Pensilvania. Tamora Pierce once said ""long, proud line of hillbillies," her family never had much. At school Tamora Pierce was sometimes called Geek. Tamora Pierce started writing at a really young age. Seventeen years later, she graduated from university and started writing books, the first book she wrote was a part of the series named The Song of the Lioness. Tamora Pierce now lives in New York with her husband, three cats and two birds.
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Riordan, Rick

Pseudonym: None
Birth Date: June 5th, 1964
Interesting facts:
  • He began his first book for children, The Lightning Thief, as a bedtime story for his son.
  • He spent fifteen years as a classroom teacher in public and private middle schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Texas.
  • His popular Tres Navarre series has won the Edgar, the Anthony and the Shamus awards.
  • He now lives in San Antonio with his wife and two sons.
Quote: “While I was writing the book, I imagined my students as my audience. It helped me get the pace and the tone right.”
The reason why I recommend this author is because I am a person who loves Greek mythology and humor, and I know that there are people out there who do too.
Featured Book: The Lightning Thief

Rowling, Joanne Kathleen

J.K. Rowling is Joanne Rowling’s pseudonym. Joanne Rowling was born on July 31st, 1966, and is still alive today. An interesting fact about J.K. Rowling is that she once had to give a talk to the whole school and the record she was playing was scratched so the deputy headmistress kicked the recorder. A quote from her is “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve” –J.K. Rowling.

I recommend this author because the books she writes are exciting, interesting, and full of details. Here is a link to a website about J.K. Rowling: A link to her bibliography: The featured book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is also my favorite book.

Rowling, Joanne Kathleen

J.K. Rowling is Joanne Rowling’s pseudonym. J.K. Rowling was born July 31, 1965. She is still alive today. An interesting fact about her is when she finished the Harry Potter book she sold it at $4000. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” That is a famous quote by J.K. Rowling. I recommend this author because her books are awesome.

Links to her websites are:

Sachar, Louis

Sachar doesn't have a pseudonym. He was born on March 20, 1954 in East Meadow, New York. Sachar wrote the first Mrs. Gorf story as an assignment in a creative writing class in high school. “I get a real clear vision at different parts of a book. I know what I'm going to do here. And then I get kind of lost. I'm always amazed when I finish a book and realize, ‘Hey this is actually what I set out to do. "'


I like Louis Sachar because he writes books with humor and feelings, so it is very fun to read his books.
Link to bibliography:
Link to a website about Louis Sachar:
There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom is one of my favorite book. He won a Newbery Medal for Holes.

Sachar, Louis

Pseudonym: none

Birth date: March 20, 1954

Interesting fact about Louis Sachar:
Louis Sachar is an award-winning author of over twenty-one fiction and educational books for children.
He’s an avid bridge player. He plays duplicate bridge in tournaments all around the country. He likes to ski in winter and take my dogs for long walks.
Holes was the favorite book he has written. It was the greatest challenge to write, and he felt like he met that challenge.
He spent two years writing Small Steps.

Quote from Louis Sachar: “The greatest award is doing something you're proud of.”


Reason I recommend this author: The reason I recommended this author was because I really enjoyed his books, especially Holes because I thought it was very well written.


Websites about author:

Featured book: Holes

Sachar, Louis

Louis Sachar was born in East Meadow, New York on March 20, 1954. He lived there until 3rd grade. His dad worked on the 78th floor of the Empire State Building, that pretty much inspired him about writing the wayside school. When he was nine years old he moved to Tustin California. He enjoyed school a lot, not until high school then he started to love reading and developed the habit of reading. After high school he attended the Antioch College in Ohio. Louis’s father died during the first semester.
Link to bio:
Link to bibliography:

Featured Book: Holes

Sachar, Louis

Pseudonym: none
Birth date: March 20th, 1954. He is still living.
Interesting facts:
1. Louis Sachar likes to work on a book discreetly, and only talks about a book when it is done.
2. Louis Sachar's first career was a Fuller Brush Man. A Fuller Brush Man goes door-to-door selling cleaning products.
3. When he writes a book, Louis Sachar sometimes thinks that he hasn't accomplished much and writing is a waste of time.
4. Louis Sachar begins a novel with a very simple thing, such as a character trait. Then, he starts to develop characters and eventually turns into a story.
I recommend this author because he not only writes to earn his living, but he also shows people that reading can be fun. He has written many humorous books, including There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, Holes, and the Wayside School Series.
Link to bibliography:
Link to website about this author:
Featured Book: Holes

Sachar, Louis

Pseudonym: none

Birthdate: March. 20. 1954

Louis Sachar was born on 20 March 1954, in East Meadow, New York. In 1976, he went to the University of California, where he studied economics. While at university he became a teacher's aide to gain extra credit; it turned out to be his favorite class and inspired him to write children's books. After graduation he worked in a sweater warehouse in Connecticut and wrote at night. After he was fired from that job he moved on to law school. In his first week of study, Sideways Stories from Wayside was published. After completing his studies in 1980 he became a part-time lawyer but was compelled to concentrate on his writing full-time. Louis Sachar lives in Austin, Texas. I like the author, Louis Sachar because he writes with voice and has imagination. Some of his books are humorous and are fun reads, others are unique and shows his writing styles.

Recommended book: Small Steps and Holes.

Link to website about this author:

Link to bibliography:

Sewell, Anna

Anna Sewell was born on March 20th, 1820 in Norfolk, England and died April 25th, 1878. In her fifty-eight years of life she only wrote one book, Black Beauty, which took six years to write because of her ankle, which she hurt when she was 14 and it never healed. One of Anna Sewell's famous quotes is: "Though I am an old horse, and have seen and heard a great deal, I never yet could make out why men are so fond of this sport; they often hurt themselves, often spoil good horses, and tear up the fields, and all for a hare, or a fox, or a stag, that they could get more easily some other way; but we are only horses, and don't know."

I would recommend Anna Sewell because even though she only wrote Black Beauty, the book is filled with her love and care of horses, and the typical life that we do not know of, in the mid-to-late nineteenth century England. is not her official website, but a good bibliography that gives good information about her.
My favorite book of hers is Black Beauty, moreover, the only book she ever published.