Wardlaw, Lee

Pseudonym: She doesn't have a pseudonym but she is called Momkat by her son, other people call her Leesy
Birth Year: 1955 (sorry but I couldn’t find any information on her birth date)
Interesting Facts:
v In her spare time she likes to swim, shop, read, email her friends, read, write, do crossword puzzles, bike ride, hang out with her son, walk on the beach, help out at her son’s school, study history, sing really loud in the car, listen to music, recite old Monty Python routines or watch Simpson’s episodes with my family, answer fan mail, and read.
v She formed a rock n’ roll band with three of her friends called “The Shooting Stars” she played the guitar and wrote many of the songs they performed.
v The 101 ways in the books 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents and 101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher are based on her on experience as a child, a parent and a teacher.
v She is currently working on a book entitled 101 Ways to Bug Your Brother or Sister.
v Her favorite food is dark chocolate, she also likes juicy peaches, crunchy French fries and bubble-gum
Quote about Author: “I can't keep her books on the shelf in our library!"
-Janet Pederson, Librarian
Why I Recommend this Author:

Her books hook the reader in, they have an excellent plot and they are also very suspenseful. Anyone will generally enjoy books by her. I also like that fact that I can relate to many of the events in the book.

Featured Book:
101 Ways to Bug Your Parents
I had a hard time choosing between this book and its sequel but because I find this book more suspenseful and original I chose this book as my featured book

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